Paul du Toit’s Rock Girl Sculpture Square

Linked to Paul du Toit’s contributions to the Rock Girl initiative, the brief was to design and add appropriate structures to Riebeek square which would define and locate the late artist’s large Bronze sculpture (two figures walking ‘into tomorrow’) and to incorporate a series of Rock Girl benches all as part of a coherent urban upgrade.

The Design

Apart from the restaurants which spill onto Bree Street, there is a lack of public space to sit in the shade, to pause, and to watch the passing parade.

Accordingly the rock girl benches are positioned as a defining edge along Shortmarket Street, long softened shapes framing the square, and ‘holding’ the concrete plinth of the bronze.

The plinth to the sculpture has rugged off-shutter concrete edges (formed from recycled packing crates) and a highly polished exposed aggregate concrete top.

The benches share the same rough bases, with smooth softened curving concrete edges. The heights of the benches differ, accommodating the slope of the site and allowing for different sitting experiences. Set into the top of the benches are Lovell Friedman’s mosaics, a delightful interpretation of the artist’s colours and shapes.

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