Mark Thomas Architects

Sole proprietor

D.O.B 1962

I run my practice in a collaborative environment with other architects, and offer the full range of architectural services for clients that I enjoy, on a variety of projects. I set out to provide an excellent service, working with and for people that add value.

I graduated as an Architect in 1986 from UCT and since then I have worked for GAPP, Visser Thomas Architects and now MTA. I am registered and insured with all the relevant bodies.

In terms of materials and a ‘style’ I have an on-going respect for timber. I keep going back to the joy of thick carved walls, raw brick, concrete, windows that open wide, doors that slide away completely, stone and natural materials.

As a student I lived in a traditional whitewashed barn in Rondebosch. There were two bedrooms downstairs, garage doors that opened wide from a central living area, a long low loft upstairs and an outside bathroom. The form and simplicity of this hundred year building had a profound effect on me. The more I learn, the more I find myself striving for this simplicity in my architectural work.

I am inspired by the sculptural brilliance of Luis Barragán and his ability to frame nature; the fluidity and human-scale of Alvar Aalto's work, and at a local level, the joy in Bert Pepler's work and detail; the brilliance of Jack Barnett's Baxter theatre; the skills of Macio and Anya in pulling together their projects and the smooth and experienced design ability of Geoff George, with whom I share offices.

I am fortunate to have worked and connected with some very skilled craftsmen and contractors, and I enjoy putting together teams of consultants and contractors appropriate to the various scales of projects I am involved in, in order to enjoy the invigorating process of creating built objects for our local South African environment.